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AIS'21 | 3 June - Day 4 - AFRINIC-33 | PPM Day 2

The second day of the AFRINIC-33 Public Policy Meeting kickstarted with the AFRINIC Services Update session.

Keessun Fokeerah, Product Specialist at AFRINC gave a presentation of the ongoing project Myafrinic v2 outlining some of the weaknesses of the current version and key features of the new version. AFRINC launched a survey to capture issues encountered by the current user of Myafrinic. The project team organised a  webinar in May with 121 attendees and over 299 registrants. The community could participate in the project by being a beta tester or collaborate via the website by providing idea and feature requests. Keessun Fokeerah, presented a few screenshots of the webinar.

AIS2021 FLEXOPTIX SplashScreen Orange slash

Yogesh Chadee, Applications Unit Manager gave an update on RPKI, outlining the low adoption in the region compared to the other RIR. In June, AFRINIC will launch the Two-Factor authentication on the current version of Myafrinic, which will deprecate the BPKI. Also, there will be an upgrade on the security hardware for RPKI. For deployment and best practices, Yogesh Chadee encourages members to enrol courses available on learn.afrinic.net

Kishna Dhondee, Legal Officer at AFRINIC, gave a presentation on the status of the ongoing legal cases against AFRINIC. All four cases are ongoing and based on the rules and laws applicable in Mauritius, the concerned parties at the time of the presentation cannot disclose any information regarding ongoing cases/police investigation. 

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Also, AFRINIC’s declaration to the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID) in respect of IP number resources that had been misappropriated from its pool of number resources is ongoing, so no update could yet be disclosed.


James Chirwa, Member Services Manager, at  AFRINIC  presented the membership types and the current statistics, AFRINIC members are composed of eight Registered Members, four Associate Members and 1885 Resource Members. The presentation outlined also, the membership eligibility described in section 6 of the bylaws, the needs-based approach of allocation of resources defined in the CPM section 5, 6 and 7. 

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Willy Manga, Deployment Operationalisation Engineer, AFRINIC, presented the statistics of the achievements of the capacity building department, as it outlined the number of workshop, webinar, e-courses and number of people trained. Also, the presenter talked about the E-deployathon and Do Helpdesk projects. Overall AFRINIC received 292 qualified requests, from 44 countries from Africa, 263 IPv6 deployments with 102 organisations. There were three testimonials about the deployment from members: -  Ahmed Derderi from MAX NET - Sudan, Abdulrauf Yamta from Cynox-IT - Nigeria, and Youssouf Ahamada from Comores Telecom - Comoros. The testimonies addressed the importance and success and of the Do Helpdesk.

Next on the agenda was the policy discussions. One policy proposal was discussed, RPKI ROAs for Unallocated and Unassigned AFRINIC Address Space (Draft 3), which reached rough consensus.

Since there are four  Draft Policy Proposals related to the Policy Development Process (Section 3.0 of the Consolidated Policy Manual) currently under discussion in the AFRINIC PDP, time was allocated to the authors of three of these proposals to present their proposals and problem statements to the PDWG.   The discussion that ensued was related to whether there is a need to improve the current AFRINIC PDP,  a problem statement to be defined, should there be one or more than one proposal, competing sections of the proposals currently under discussion. The discussion will be followed up on the rpd mailing list.

The day ended with an Open Mic session where the PDWG discussed issues related to the Policy Development Process.


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